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The Wizards Coaching Staff is a small but dedicated group of men and women who coach because they believe not only is it possible to have fun and excel competitively at the same time, it's the only way to do things!

2010-11 Wizards staff with Olympic Gold Medalists Josh Davis and Ian Crocker, WHHS Pool, 4/10/11


Sean McCauley, Head Coach


Sean McCauley is in his thirteenth year on the Wizards staff, and his tenth as Head Coach, following in the legacy of the legendary Bob Pimer, who guided the team with his wife Maria for 16 years.  Sean is a former Wizard himself, and is a two time Senior Coaches Award winner.  Sean is a USA Swimming and ASCA certified coach.  Former captain of the West Haven High School Boys team in 1997, Sean is a member of the only West Haven High School team to defeat Notre Dame.  Sean loves this job and is proud to give back to a team that has given so much to him.    Sean has also served the city by acting as City Councilman for the 2nd District from 2009-2011.   Coach Sean and Coach Erin were married on 4/14/12 and have one son, Logan Reilly McCauley.   


Eric Pimer, Assistant Head Coach/ 8&Under Coordinator


Eric Pimer has been on the Wizards staff for 9 years and is in his seventh as Assistant Head Coach.  In that time his name has become synonymous with team work and tireless effort.  There is nothing Eric won't do for the team, from hauling trophies across the state, learning how to run the computer system, or whatever else needs to be done.  Eric also has an incredible knowledge of the techniques of all strokes which combined with his wealth of creativity insures that all Wizards get better and have fun, which is exactly what our team stands for.  Sharing responsibilities of 8 & Under coordinator with Coach Robin, Eric has made sure our youngest charges are also some of the best prepared.  A former Captain of the West Haven High School Boys team, Eric serves our community by day as a Sergeant of the West Haven Police Department, is married to the lovely Flo Pimer and has two children, Michael and Samantha, and dog Diamond.  Right now, he is stressing that coaches names are not in alphabetical order, because Coach Eric likes things in their proper way. 

Robin Viani, Assistant Head Coach/ 8&Under Coordinator



Robin Viani is currently in her seventh year as assistant coach of the Wizards and is as crucial to the success of the team as having water in the pool!  Robin has served as the conscience of the team and always makes sure we do the right thing in and out of the water.  Robin brings a tireless commitment to the team, picks out much better team suits than Coach Sean does, and was the driving force behind the creation of this webiste!  In addition to all of this she's a darn fine coach, drawing from her experience as a star on the West Haven High School Girls Swim Team, and before that, on the Wizards as well.  Her knowledge of the sport, patience with the swimmers and great sense of humor make her an integral part of the team, and with Coach Eric has served as 8 & under coordinator spearheading the development of our youngest swimmers.  Robin is married to her husband Dave, has a wonderful daughter Kelsey and went all winter without injuring herself in a ski accident, snapping a streak that lasted 17 years. 

Erin McCauley, 12 & Under Coach


Like the rest of our staff, Erin shares the passion for swimming and working with kids that the rest of the staff has.  Former captain of the Mercy High School team and longtime swim instructor for the West Haven Park Rec Department, Erin brings a wealth of swim experience and a love of children, the two things necessary to being a great Wizards coach.  After serving the team in a volunteer capacity for one year, Erin joined the team coaching staff for the 2009 - 2010 season.  An alum of Georgetown University, Erin is completing her Masters Degree at Southern Connecticut State University.  Erin is also co-head coach of the West Haven High School Girls Swim Team and Head Coach of the WHHS Boys Team.  Coach Erin and Coach Sean were wed on 4/14/12 and they have one son, Logan Reilly McCauley.

Flo Pimer, Deck Manager


 Without Flo, the Wizards would be in deep deep trouble.  There is nothing Flo won't do for the team and after serving as Parent's Club co-president for two fantastic years, she continues to serve as team deck manager, making sure all Wizard swimmers (and coaches) get to where they need to be when they need to be there.  Flo's tireless work for the team epitomizes our belief that teamwork can conquer any obstacle, and the fact that she has not strangled Coach Sean yet proves she has the patience of a saint.  From her incredible work on the deck during the meet, to organizing the annual team photo or helping with anything else that needs to be done, Flo is absolutely invaluable.  We are indeed lucky to have her.  Flo is married to Eric Pimer and has two wonderful children, Michael and Samantha and one dog, Diamond.  She can never ever stop serving as deck Manager. 


Jay Falanga, Assistant Coach 

Jay Falanga is the newest addition to the Wizards coaching staff and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.  A former captain of the West Haven High School Boys team in 1991, Jay still holds a record in the 200 yard Medley relay, and is a 1988 Wizards Coaches' Awards winner.  Jay is married to his wife Robin and has three children, Morgan, Kaelyn, and Emily. 

Callie Jackson, Assistant Coach

Callie Jackson is the youngest member of the Wizards Coaching Staff.  A graduate of Roger Williams University and a former Wizard swimmer, Callie brings a wealth of knowledge of the sport of swimming and the Wizard tradition, and will be a tremendous asset to the entire team! 
Matt Blotney, Assistant Coach

 Matt Blotney enters into his fourth season as Assistant Coach of the Wizards and like many others on the staff is a proud Wizard Alumni.  Matt brings an unbridled enthusiasm for coaching and the sport.  Not only does he excel at getting our swimmers excited to compete and improve but brings a great knowledge of the craft to the table as well.  Matt was a proud captain of the West Haven High School Boys Swimming Team in 2003 and is a former Wizards Junior Coaches and Senior Coaches Award Winner.  In addition to his work with the Wizards, Matt also serves as Assistant Coach to the Branford High School Boys Team.  Matt is also over 1,250 feet tall and has on open arm wrestling challenge out to Chuck Norris which has yet to be answered. 


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