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West Haven Wizards Coaching History


Year  Head Coach(es)  Assistant Coaches (years)   Notes
 - 1988 Sue & Sal Ferrigno     
 1988 - 1989  Various    
1989 - 2005  Bob & Mara Pimer  Sue Prentiss, Judy Torello, Walt Dunsing, Jim Funk, Kim Ryder, Heather Dziamelek, Mitch Aiudi, Jimmy D'Addio, Courtney Smith, Meghan Powers, Emily Meglio (2000-2005), Sean McCauley (2001-2005), Eric Pimer (2001-2005)  **In between the Ferrigno and Pimer Eras the team was coached by various Park Rec Personell
2005 - present  Sean McCauley

Eric Pimer (asst HC, 2005-present); Robin Viani (asst HC 2005-present); Matt Blotney (2008-present); Erin Reilly (2008-present); Stephanie Hadden (2006-09);  Emily Meglio (2005-07); Courtney Smith (2005-07), Mitch Aiudi (2005-present), Kelsey Slater (2007), Callie Jackson (2011-present)



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