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Parents Club Committees

The Wizards Parents Club has a number of committees for parents to join in order to help the team.  Use this page to learn more about each committees and find the one than can best utilize your talents to insure another prosperous season!  Remember the more people that volunteer, the less everyone has to do and the easier everything is!

Meet Personnel Committee: Shaileen Morton, Meet Manager

The Meet Personnel Committee makes sure the Wizards are well represented at all meets, at home and on the road.  An extremely important committee, the Meet Personnel Committee consists of timers, computer techs, runners, officials, meet managers and our starter, personnel that are crucial to our success, and makes the time pass by much more quickly than sitting in the stands all day! 

Concessions Committee -

The Concessions Committee is in charge of planning, setting up, selling, and cleaning concessions during each home meet.  Concessions are a major source of fundraising for the team, and provide hot dogs to Coach Sean, and therefore are extremely important.  Responsibilities include setting up and breaking down the concessions area before and after each meet, and making sure enough parents volunteer items for sale. 

Banquet Committee

The Banquet Committee is in charge of planning our Annual Awards Banquet which takes place at the end of the fall season, usually in April.  A gala event that celebrates the accomplishments of the Wizards team, the banquet features food, fun, gifts frm the Parents Club and awards from the coaching staff.  The Banquet Committee is responsible for setting the date, selecting a venue and caterer, and taking care of invitations for swimmers, family, and guests. 

Fundraising Committee- Cecily Celmer-Shubin, Chair
The Fundraising Committee coordinates fundraisers to benefit the team. 

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