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Guide To Yankee League Meets



Guide to Yankee League Swim Meets


Below are the rules and guidelines to follow to insure that our meets are successful as can be:


  • If you aren’t early, you’re late: Wizards must be on deck and ready to swim no later than 15 minutes before warmup.


  • Swimmers must be wearing team suits and team caps at meets.  Caps will be provided the day of the first meet and are a gift from our generous parents club.  Any high school girls may use their high school team suit at meets.


  • Anything that a swimmer takes on deck with them should have that swimmer’s name on it – suits, goggles, towels, shirts etc – many of these items are identical and can be easily misplaced. 


  • No ipods, gameboys, cell phones or anything of the sort shall be allowed on deck: Any contraband bought on deck will be confiscated, swimmers could be subject to further discipline.  A book or cards are allowed. 


  • Swimmers must be on deck and in swim attire from warmup to the final cheer at the end of the meet – all swimmers compete in all our meets, and it is our job to support each other as a team.  Swimmers cannot change until after the final cheer. 


  • No wet swimmers in the stands.


  • Unless working, parents MUST stay in the stands or lobby area and MUST NOT be on deck. 


  • The meet lineup - with all event heat and lane assignments – is posted at the pool during practice the week of a meet.


  • Parents please volunteer – we will be looking for workers numerous jobs during the meet, so please look for sign up sheets. 




  • If there are extenuating circumstances that you know will require you to leave early or arrive late to a meet – please speak with Coach Sean no later than 2 weeks before that meet. 


  • Please make Coach Sean aware of any upcoming absences ASAP. 


  • Swimmers must participate in five (5) meets to qualify in trials.  If there are extenuating circumstances that cause a swimmer to participate in less than 5 meets, please speak with Coach Sean. 

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