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2019-2020 Dates:


Residents: Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nonresidents: Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Tryouts for new swimmers: Monday, September 16, 2019, 5:00, West Haven 

High School Pool

First Day of Practice: Tuesday September 17, 2019.

Registration can be done online at www.whparkrec.com, in person, or over 

the phone;

Returning swimmers are to go to the same practice time they attended the 

previous season unless/until informed otherwise by the coaching staff;

2018-2019 Season Dates:

The New Season is upon us!  Here is the information for the start of the year:

Resident Registration opens 8/21/18

Non-Resident Registration opens 8/28/18

Meeting and tryouts for new swimmers and new spring 2017 swimmers is 9/17/18 at 5:45 p.m.

There will be no meeting for returning swimmers this year.  All returning swimmers will begin the season on 9/18 at the same time they were in the previous year.  New swimmers will be assigned a practice time on 9/17. 

Important Meet Reminders

 If it is your first time on the team or your tenth, it always helps to review some reminders on meets!  Here you go:  


Following these rules will make the meets run smoother, faster, and more successfully. 

 1.  Parents MUST NOT be on deck from 10 mintues before the start of warmup until the end of the meet, unless working: The deck gets crowded and coaches are busy keeping swimmers on deck and headed to the block in time for their events.  Too much traffic will slow things down and parents on deck will be asked to return to the bleacher area.  Coaches will make every effort to provide the lineup in advance so parents can make a note of their children's events.  Please make sure your child has everything they need for the duration of the meet: Towels, and small snack, etc.  Please make sure your child's name is on everything he/she brings on deck.  The coaches are there to make sure everything runs smoothly, please enjoy the meet from the stands.  Also, parents must remain in the stands during practice as well.

2.  ALL MEETS are mandatory: Wizard swimmers are expected to be at every meet on our schedule.  Meet lineups take the coaches several hours to do and any unexpected absences produce hours of extra work.  If there is a conflict that will cause a swimmer to miss a meet, please let Coach Sean know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The meet schedule has been set since September; parents should already be aware of any conflicts.  In the case of illness, please call Coach Sean as soon as you have determined your child is too sick to participate.  Unexcused absences can be ground for suspension and or expulsion fromthe team. 

3.  Swimmers must be on deck, in full meet gear, from 15 minutes prior to warmup to the conclusion of the last cheer.  Swimmers CANNOT leave early.  Swimmers CANNOT change before the meet is done.   This rule is in place to make sure our whole team is there cheering until the end and speaks to the principles of sportsmanship and teamwork that we care so much about.  If there are any extenuating circumstances that will require a swimmer to arrive late or leave early please let the coaches know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Any requests made the day of the meet will be denied.  Violation of this rule can lead to suspension or expulsion from the team. 

4.  Swimmers are not allowed any electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, gaming systems, and Ipods.  Swimmers are on deck to swim, and to cheer.  They are allowed a small item such as a book or cards, but anything deemed an unneeded distraction will be confiscated.  If swimmers need to call a parent from the pool they must inform Coach Sean prior to doing so.  Swimmers caught with electronic devices could be pulled from the meet and susepended or expelled from the team.

5.  Parents are encouraged to help the team in any way they can during meets by volunteering to work and/or bring in an item for concessions.  Parents are always needed to serve as timers, scorers, and concession stand workers.  Sign up sheets are at the pool. 

6.  In addition to these reminders, swimmers and parents are reminded that they must abide by the Team Codes of Conduct signed at the begining of the season that are also located on the website. 

7.  FOOD:  Meets are long and our kids need to eat but it can be done without your swimmer being away from the deck for more than a moment.  Please feed your swimmer a substantioal, healthy dinner and a healthy meal before coming to the pool on meet day, and pack or purchase your swimmer a healthy snack that doesn't slow the athlete down or create a mess on deck.  For tips on proper eating habits, please see our Nutrition page. 

8.  TRIALS ARE ALWAYS LOOMING:  Trials, Finals and All Stars are the most important evenst of the year and are mandatory.  Information on these exciting events can be found on the site, and in the Guide to Trials, available at the pool the week of TBA. 



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