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To the new parents-Welcome aboard!  To the returning parents-Welcome back!

 As with many organizations, the West Haven Wizards needs the participation of parents/family members in order to function successfully throughout the season.   Swim meets can last for many hours, the more volunteers we have, the faster & smoother the meet can run.  Your kids will have a wonderful rewarding experience on this team, so why not show them that you want to be a part of it too. 

Final Events of the Season (include the other jobs plus…)

Ø  Booklets-Trials, Finals, All Stars

Ø  Pit Crew

o    Verifying times

o    Runners to post results

o    All Star Qualifying Boards

o    Trophies

Ø  Additional:

Ø  Ziti Dinner

Ø  Banquet

Ø  Memorial Day Parade

Ø  Any additional fundraisers or events


Listed below is a list of the jobs the Parents’ Club members do, followed by a brief description of each. 


Regular Meet:

Ø  Meet Manager

Ø  Timers (backups)

Ø  Runners

Ø  Concessions         

o    Food Donations

Ø  Set up/Clean up

Ø  Computers                                                                                                           

Ø  Event Board

Ø  Starter

Ø  50/50 Raffle



The Meet Manager is responsible for organizing the timers for a meet.  In a normal dual meet, 6 timers are needed from each team to cover all of the lanes plus two back up timers are needed.  The Meet Manager has a pre-meet meeting to explain what to do, test the watches, and answer any questions.  The Meet Manager will stand on the side of the pool and keep track of all events and make sure each lane has coverage as well as relief timers for needed breaks. 

Timers –There are 6 lanes in the pool-6 timers are needed from each team to start the meet, along with 2 back up timers.  Ideally, there should be 6 relief timers from each team to cover the second half of a meet or any needed breaks.  One timer uses a watch and a plunger (only pushed at the end of the race) & the other timer uses a watch and holds a clipboard to record times.  The swimmer will give each lane a card and ask his or her name to verify swimmer & card match.  A timer starts the watch at the beginning of the race (a light & sound signal at the start) and stops the race when the swimmer touches the touch pad.  The plunger needs to pushed at the end of the race and times recorded on the cards.  If you miss a time or make a mistake-raise your hand & the backup will get the time. ***Benefits:  it’s fun, cooler on deck, you get to know the kids’ names & it can be very exciting.

Runners-Two runners are needed to start the meet with relief runners for the second half or for breaks.  One runner stays on each side of the pool (lanes 1-3 & lanes 4-6), collects the cards after each race and brings the cards to the computer table.  ***Benefits:  fun, cooler on deck, & you’re where the action is. 

The selling of Concessions is the key money maker for the Wizards.  Volunteers are needed to staff the table throughout the meet.  Signups for a time frame are available.  Although concessions are held in the hallway, you can take a break to watch your child swim.  ***Benefits:  fun, you’re not sitting up in the uncomfortable  crowded bleachers, you meet people, and you are helping to bring in the main source of money which pays for the swimmers’ gifts!


Set up/Clean up-is needed before/after all home meets…

The Computer is the most complex of the jobs to volunteer for.  The volunteers doing this job are responsible for inputting the events/lanes that each of our swimmers is entered in as well as downloading the other team’s swimmers.  Scoring is kept track of and verified through the computer.  Changes always occur up to the last minute due to sickness, etc.  Labels are also printed the night before the meet to place on the meet cards.  Additional responsibilities occur for the final meets of the season. 

Event Board panel is housed with the computer area.  The board is connected to the Scoreboard (where the times are displayed).  The person who does this job needs to forward the board to the correct event #(& heat #) 

Starter-the Starter is a key job for the meet.  This person is responsible for announcing each event/heat and using the “starter box” to start each race.  The Starter needs to keep track of the events and be aware of any changes or delays that may occur. This is a fast paced job right on the deck.  We’re lucky to have someone that has done this job for awhile.  If anyone is interested in learning the process, please let us know.

50/50 Raffle-Every home meet, the Wizards run a 50/50 raffle.  This person (people) is responsible for selling tickets which helps raise more money for the kids.

End of Season Jobs… Finals, & All Stars

Booklets are produced for Finals, & All Stars.  The booklets are organized, edited and formatted before being sent out for printing.  Finals booklets contain times only.  The All Stars booklet gets much more in depth with advertising from businesses and families (both Wizards & other Yankee League teams).  If anyone enjoys or has experience in this area, please let us know. 

Pit Crew pertains only to the final 2 meets.  Due to West Haven hosting the final 2 meets, we form a “Pit Crew” of a number of people (who are set up towards the back of the pool area) and can help with the following jobs:  verifying times, copying, posting times in various locations in the pool/gym area, people to work on the All Star qualifying boards, and trophies organization, labeling, & distribution.  **The Pit is a very busy place to be, but you work with a great crew and it’s “action packed”!



Additional Events:

Ziti dinner is held every year prior to the first swim meet.  Parents are asked to donate food (please sign up).  Parents are also needed to setup, serve, cleanup, etc. 

The Banquet is held after the season is over.  The banquet chairperson needs to organize the event including: booking the location, sending out invitations to all Wizard families as well as “invited guests”, keep track of responses/payment, order the food from the caterer, as well as being the contact person the day of the banquet.    

The Memorial Day Parade is an event the Wizards participate in every year.  All Wizards are invited to help decorate the float and ride on the float as well as attend a picnic afterwards.  Volunteers are needed to decorate, getting hay bales to sit on, help with the picnic, and donations of food for the picnic.

Wizard fundraising events are held throughout the year including:  the Icy Plunge for breast cancer, a swim-a-thon and a car wash.   Funds are either donated for a cause or used to benefit the swimmers in the form of equipment, swimmers’ gifts, or the banquet.  Please let us know if you have any ideas or you wish to participate in the organization of any fundraising events. 

Please consider offering your services.  If interested in volunteering for any of these items, please email Parents’ Club President Cecily Celmer-Shubin. wizardparent@gmail.com


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