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Team Rules of Conduct

The follwing are basic rules of the team for swimmers, parents and coaches to follow.  Each swimmer, parent and coach will sign a copy of their respective code of conduct which will be kept on file in the coaches' office.  The signatures represent a commitment to abide by these rules and uphold our team's tradition of pride and good sportsmanship.

  1. I will be on deck, ready for dryland, and ready to enter the water ON TIME.  I will attend at least 3 practices per week, give each practice my full effort, and work as hard as I can.
  2. I will be supportive of my teammates at all times and never say or do anything to hurt them or their feelings. 
  3. I will never say or do anything to hurt any swimmers from other teams, and I will uphold the value of sportsmanship during meets, both in and out of the water.
  4. I will be respectful of all coaches, listen when they are talking, and never talk back to any coach.
  5. If a swimmer or coach from any team attempts to start an argument with me, I will tell one of my coaches right away. 
  6. I will be at every meet ready to swim by warmup time, and I will stay in my swim gear on deck until the final cheer.
  7. I will not bring any electronic devices, phones, ipods, etc on deck with me during meets. 
  8. I will follow all other rules of the team. 
  1. Parents will stay in designated areas at all times during practices and meets, which are in the bleacher area or the hallway.  Parents may not be present on the deck area during practices and may only be allowed on deck during meets when working. 
  2. Parents are expected to show sportsmanship by example.  Cheering and words of encouragement are expected, booing is not tolerated.    Parents are not allowed to enter into arguments with opposing coaches, swimmers or parents during meets.  Any conflict or disagreement should be brought to the attention of one of our coaches immediately. 
  3. Parents are responsible for the TIMELY drop off and pick up of swimmers for meets and practices.  Any questions about when swimmers are supposed to be ready for practice or meets should be directed to a coach as soon as possible to avoid confusion.  Swimmers must wait for their ride INSIDE the building and younger swimmers dropped off must be escorted in by parents.
  4. Parents are responsible for letting Coach Sean know when as swimmer is missing a meet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Any circumstances requiring a swimmer to be late to a meet or leave a meet early must be given AT LEAST one week in advance.  Any requests that day of a meet will be denied. 
  5. Parents must have swimmers at each practice and meet on time and may not take their swimmers before the conclusion of the meet.

     6.    Parents will abide by all other team rules.

  1. Coaches are to be on time for all practices and meets
  2. Coaches lead by example: no arguing with any coaches or officials in sight of the swimmers for any reason, and no belittling any swimmer or individual
  3. Coaches will only give constructive criticism to other coaches and swimmers designed to improve any flaws or problems and will not engage in any mean spirited comments. 
  4. Coaches will wear proper team attire during practice and meets.
  5. Coaches will not use phones during practice unless it is team or work related business or a family or medical emergency
  6. Coaches will come prepared to be in the water for each practice
  7. Coaches will not use ipods, etc during meets or practices
  8. Coaches will abide by all other team rules. 

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